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The Birth of Wendigo Wandering Collective


We are the Wendigo Wandering Collective, and we want to make the outdoors accessible to everyone. Two friends in May of 2023 brought together a drone and a GoPro and decided to document the beauty of the outdoors. Our adventures have been very spontaneous, often initiated with an idea that takes us outside in that very moment. Along the way we discovered that we share the same ideas about nature and how it has become pay to play, with the most beautiful spots being accessible only to those with the most financial means. Trips to popular camping stores left us reeling from the prices of basic gear and accessories.

Right then and there, a desire to explore nature and the beauty of this land through modest means, as well as share the ways with others was born. The Wendigo Way! Traveling to parks and locations can add up fast, which is why you will not find any mentions of glamorous campgrounds or premium gear. We travel light and stay at unassuming locations so that we can afford the experience and highlight the beauty of sites.

A wendigo is a mythological creature, originating in Native American Mythology that is said to be a malevolent spirit that possesses humans with an insatiable greed and a desire for the destruction of the environment. Even though there is a negative meaning associated with this word, we wish to flip it around and have it define those who wish to protect the environment and keep it free from commercialization. Please join us as we build a community of Wendigo Wanderers and bring people from all walks of life “Out in the Everything”.

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